I miss you a lot. Not in a romantic or affectionate way, but you were my best friend. We were family. Some may say that that is a metaphor, but we were family. When friends say that “they have been through ‘ups’ and ‘downs’”, sure they mean it. But you and I have been through hell. Not in a figurative sense either. We’ve fought, majorly, we’ve argued, constantly, we’ve hated each other, frequently, but that doesn’t stop us from being best friends. You understood me when no one else did. You caught me when I was falling. You managed to be there for me when I couldn’t even manage to be there for myself. There was this song that came on the radio rarely.. somehow both of us knew it. Not anyone from our families, from our separate groups of friends, no one understood the song. It seemed as if only we understood it, it seemed as if it connected us. We knew all the lyrics, we sang every word. I heard that song today.. I miss you, a lot.

I love how its the first day of summer and all my friends are doing stuff without me and I’m just sitting here watching them post pictures together on instagram while I take care of my grandparents..